Welcome to the Bidayuh Network

last update: 16 May, 2004

I lost quite a number of names, email address and info that I need to update. To those of you who wrote but are not listed please email me. Thanks. Hard disk crashed.

This is the list of all known Bidayuh on Internet (at least those with whom I am in contact with through e-mail and who kindly permit me to include them in this list).

If you want to add your name to this list, please email me (click here) with the following:
full name, hometown, current residence, email address and anything else you want to share with others.

The general idea behind this list is to tell the world that there are other races in Malaysia. Sarawakians are different- we have different history, that there are various ethnic groups in the state, we are unique, etc. This list might come in handy in the future.

Hope this list is useful to you all. Please contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, or corrections.

Please visit this site often to get the latest list.

Some of the email add maybe out of date since some of my friends may have graduated and are back in Malaysia. If you guys happen to visit this site please give me your latest info, so I can update it here.

Please don't misuse this list. Keep it strictly social- like making e-pals, keeping in contact with friends, exchanging info etc.

To those of you who wrote in to be included but are not listed, please write again. You are missing  because my computer was down during those times. Sorry.

Yvonne M. Campbell
My name is Yvonne M. Campbell and my husband's name is Wilfred Harding Jiee.  We are both Bidayuhs, but I am of mixed-parentage.  My mom is from Serian and my father's American.  My husband on the other hand- his mom is from Singghai and father is from Sarasot.  We are currently in Nottingham, UK because I am doing my MA here at the University of Nottingham.  We will only be here for a year.  It's refreshing to know that there are many Bidayuhs around the world and it makes us happy and proud to read about them.  We hope that these people and our former classmates/teachers or whoever knows us will contact us. My email is: willonne@hotmail.com and my husband's is bijanggi1978@yahoo.co.uk.

Jason Linggod
hi im jason linggod..my dads from kpg stass , bau and my moms from toowoomba in queensland , australia. i am studying at griffith university
here in brisbane. doing my bachelor of arts, just started a month ago,...anyone wanna meet up in aust just email me,..and of course i wont mind
receiving emails from anyone else.cheers...its great to know we're spread all around the world.

Rukas Lakus
I am a budayuh of bijagoi origin student from taylor college. i would like to give few recommendation about the web page that you have created.
I think you have to put more pictures about the bidayuh societies from all over the place they sited at. Apart from that also provided more
reliable and interesting facts that could attract people to visit this sites such migrations history, cultures, and also stories from the old folks. I
would be greatfull if this web page can be assessed by many people especially the tourists or our own people as well for educational used and
promoting the people...My ultimate suggestion would be the attempt to provide marketable presentation to this web page. Thank you for the
opportunity given to express my comments here.. Long live Okuk sok jagoi babang (formerly known as Bung Jagoi)

Ernice Jipem
Email: ernice01@hotmail.com
I'm completely impressed with the effort that you have taken. Every now and then I would browse it through to keep me up with the latest news
or gossip from Lundu, Bau or Kuching. I'm hoping to bump into some old friends or former school mates from SMK Lundu. You were my
teacher for a while in my second and third former-thank you for being one of the teachers who had made me who and what I am today. I won't
blame you if you can't recall; I understand that entirely because I am one now. I'm Ernice Jipem and now attatched to SMK Taman S.E.A. in SS2
Petaling Jaya. I recently graduated in TESL and Literature.
Thanks again sir,I shall follow the development of this site.Bye.

Name: Pauzy
I'm very proud of you mr.paul coz of yr website, bidayuh network.........i'm Pauzy @ Poji from kg.peninjau lama,siniawan....now on duty at I.P.P
pauzy37@hotmail.com..so long.

Mary Kurod
Email: piranuk@yahoo.com
I am originally from Lobang Batu area on Mongkos Road in Sadong region. I trained as a teacher at Batu Lintang and now I live near
Brisbane Australia with my husband and two sons. We celebrate Gawai each year in June. Come along if you are in the area.

Andrew Janwari Ak Tami.
Email: dorod@tm.net.my
Teacher by profession but has other dreams like going for vacation to the stars, having a big fat bank
account, ... and among others I also wish I have the time and the budget to create a better tomorrow for our children and our
Currently teaching in Kolej DPAH Abdillah, Petra Jaya.
Graduated from Nottingham Univ. so many years ago. Majoring in Physics. Fool around too much as an undergraduate.
Married to Diana Cotter Ak John  We're both from Kpg Tanjung Singhai. 4 children
I have teamed up with a few Malay colleagues in providing an educational community service @ Tuition in the Satok area. My first
attempt as an entrepreneur.  if you could spread the word around, I would be grateful.
I have a few relatives residing in the US. Will tell them about fellow Bidayuhs over there wanting to meet. Kudos to you for
maintaining your web site.

Colin Winchester & Joane Robat
Latest email address: cwin1789@bigpond.net.au

Henry ak Stephen
Asal: Kampung Mantung Marau Serian
Working in Brunei Darussalam
Email: henrystephen123@hotmail.com
I am really happy when I saw there is Bidayuh on the net. All this while, the outside world thought there's no such inhabitant known as Bidayuh. Thank you for making this Bidayuh a real people to the World globally.
"LA...LA..Hei" nuju ndug bala simua dingan Bangsa "BIDAYUH". I am really very Proud and Happy Cos I am Born among the BIDAYUH community.

Danri Absher:
email: danri1@earthlink.net
Hello I am bidayuh from Serian  now  reside in Maryland USA. Have two daughters and  would like to make  some new friends .

Rex Marshall and Mary Kurod
Hi good to see your website about Bidayuh. We sent an email a few months ago but it may be lost. My wife is from the Sadong region near Lobang Batu on Mongkos Road. It is another beautiful part of Sarawak which we visit when we can. We now live with our two sons near Brisbane Australia and celebrate Gawai with Sarawak friends every June. Any Dayak in the vicinity of Brisbane is welcome to contact us on piranuk@yahoo.com.au and join us to celebrate their proud tradition.

My name is Olivia anak Christopher Aju.
27 years of age. My race is Bidayuh Selako from Kampung Siru Sematan, Lundu. I love my kampung so much that I missed it all the time. My family lived at Batu Kawa, Kuching. As for myself, currently I reside in Brisbane Australia for nearly 8 years now. I graduated from Griffith University in September this year (2003) doing Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Information System and Marketing . At the moment I work with Adairs the House of Linen Company. I accidently found this wonderful website and I think this website give us opportunity for all the bidayuh to keep in contact with each other no matter where we are. Well done and congratulation!!! So I wanted to be part of this website as well. I hardly meet any Bidayuh here.Therefore, I would love to hear from anyone especially Bidayuh Selako from kampung Siru or Pueh. Waiting to hear from anyone. Bye.
Email Address: eliezera@hotmail.com or Churchillivia@yahoo.com

im proud to be bidayuh...... (sadong).. jinaga mah bansa kita... BIDAYUH
email akui.. : nanuknila@hotmail.com

Name:   Larry, Paula and Laura Gruber
I am  a Bidayuh from Penrissen area and currently residing in
Livingston, New Jersey "USA".
We just want to let you know that we have change our address to :
lrgruber@comcast.net   OR   aniagah@yahoo.com

Name : Boniface Edwin
Hometown : Kampung Kakai, Serian
Education : Bechelor Of Economics from University Of Malaya
Secondary education at Kolej Tun Abdul Razak (Dragon School) and SMK Serian
Email : bon@treasury.gov.my
Employment : Head, Gambling Control Unit, Ministry Of Finance, Malaysia.
Home Address : No. 7, Jalan P11B1/3, Precint 11, 62300 Putrajaya.
Comment : Glad to know that there a lot of sucessfull Bidayuh out there (especially in term of education). I hope every Bidayuh will play their small part in ensuring that our children, relatives and friends will try their very best to get a good education especially university education. University education may not necessaryly make us very rich but it is a prerequisite for our bangsa Bidayuh to progress and be competetive in this demanding world. Glad to know also that Bidayuh are going global. Hope also that every Bidayuh will not be like "frog under the coconut shell". Take up the challenges and be sombody! Friends and future friends out there are welcome to email or write to me.

Name: Sitie Parcell
My name is Sitie Parcell, I'm a bidayuh from kampong Tubih, in the Serian district. I reside in New York,USA. Married to John Parcell, have one daugher Janet Parcell. I love to hear from any bidayuh or any Malaysian living in north America. I can be contacted at sitieparcell@hotmail.com.or write to me at:

Name: Mohd. Irwan Abdullah @ Butar Ak. Dayus
Origin: Kpg. Krian, 32nd. Mile Padawan Road (Pinyawa)
Current Residence: Shah Alam, Selangor (29 Years)
Profession: Head of Workshop Planning, Malaysia Airlines, Subang Airport
Early Education: Dragon School, 1973
Personal Email address: irwanabd03@yahoo.com
Objectives for writing in:
1. To meet up with as many Bidayuh residing in Selangor and KL. We have got a few and are looking for more.
2. Bidayuh undergraduates in Electrical, Aeronautical or Mechanical looking for internship (OJT) can write in.
    I can help secure placement at Malaysia Airlines Engineering.
3. To get to know Bidayuh residing in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, US, UK and mainland Europe.
    I travel to these cities/countries for vacations and duty travel and would like to meet up with any Caucasian/Bidayuh
    families there.

Name : Siguru Lasor @ E-jang
Email: salakocd@tm.net.my
another Dayak Salako from kampung Serayan, Lundu.  Now working / residing in Miri.  About 20 Salako families in Miri today and hope to see more
u have done a good job. I manage to locate afew of my old friends through this web site..  A big TQ 2 u .

My name is June Naila Anak Michael Jessing Langgi.  I am from Kampung Taie, outside of Serian.  I am currently residing in New Jersey, USA, and looking to contact / be contacted by my Bidayuh friends and relatives... I already found one Aunty and hope to find other relatives soon.
 E-Mail: junelanggi@yahoo.com
9216 Tamarron,Dr.
Plainsboro, NJ 08536

Name: Julina Ak Sisey
Originate: Kg Batu Spit, Krokong, Bau.
Ex-SRB St. Patrick, ex-Kolej Abdillah(92-96), ex-PPP/ITM and going to be ex-UiTM doing Mechanical Engineering. Still waiting for my interview result with an air-cond suppliers company in Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya. Currently residing at Pantai Dalam, KL. Staying with my brother Sieit Ak Sisey.
Remarks: It's good to have this site. I can see some of familiar names like my juniors and seniors. Those who knows me or interested, please write to me at monicaj5@rocketmail.com . A Bidayuh and Bidayuh celup is always welcome in my heart. Thank you and have a nice day!

I'm Joey n currently employed in the Oil n Gas industry.  I was surprised 2c only a handful of bidayuhs available working offshore>so hope to meet then online instead.  Anyway...Bidayuh from all walks of life r also welcome n interested surfer can email me tru Joey_ride@yahoo.com.   Keep the mails coming n rest assured for a reply.
Until then,  HAND n KIT fellow Bidayuhs.

Name: Slyvester Azizan Kidem
from Kg Opar Bau bih....but now still in Kuala Lumpur working at Police Training Centre.
My email add: SLY8892@hotmail.com

Gwendolin, Grant & Gillian
401 Beaver Creek Road, Waterloo, Ontario N2V 2J8 Canada.
tel/fax: 519-886-0583
e-mail: galphonsus@enviro-institute.com
This is my fourth update if I'm not mistaken.  Since then, a lot has happened.  We had a baby girl last March (Gillian), bought a house and moved to Waterloo, Ontario.  We've sold our business and now both my husband and I are working for a larger consulting firm.  We're enjoying ourselves tremendously and always looking forward to get in touch with other Bidayuhs out there!  And Paul, you've done a great job with the site!  We've met a lot of people through the Bidayuh Net! [Gwendolin Leony Alphonsus, bidayuh bi Sadong masu Serian, Oct. 31, 2002]

Name : Daniel Willy Ritang
Hometown : Kpg. Skibang, Jagoi, Bau
Current Add. : Petra jaya, Kuching
E-mail add. : danielritang@hotmail.com
just wanna  say hai to fellow Bidayuh friends.
I'm a UNIMASian. Graduated in 1998

Name:  Jopen Abut
E-mail : duyoh_guy1@yahoo.com
Presently I'm persuing my Post Graduate Study in UNimas. and Expected to Grade this coming August. Can u please remove my old info. Any contact can be made through this email.
Keep up the good work.

Name: Joseph Beron
Hometown : Kpg Segong Singai Bau but now reside at Kpg Semeba Kuching
Profession: Engineering lecturer
Place of studies ; Adelaide University S. Australia -BSc Eng., Auckland University New Zealand -P.Grad.in Engineering & management. University of Wales College Newport U.K -MSc.Eng & Management. Now pursuing MSc in Training And HRM from Leicester University, U.K and expected to completed by end of 2003
My e-mail address : josephberon@yahoo.com

Name: Phame Olivia
E-mail: viachester@hotmail.com
From Kpg Simboh
Would like to make friend with everybody.E-mail me key.

Name: Malcolm Kurt
Nickname: MA_COLM
Home Address: RPR 12th. Mile, Kuching-Serian Road, Kuching
Home Village: Kampung Kiding, Jalan Padawan, Kuching
E-mail: knight_rider0580@yahoo.com
Homepages: www.geocities.com/biyabidayuh
Nakit mandih websites ati. Terus ad? perjuangan ngan. "HIDUP BIDAY?H". Harap bangsa ta d?h manyap di ong ati,k?? Sramat Andu Gawai Sawa 2003 da re 'tih......

Name: Olivia
Hallo and hi!! My name is Olivia and i came across this website by accident. i am a pure bidayuh blood and bone from padawan's upriver. Right now I live with my family in a litle hut just a stone's throw from  Padawan's famous hot spring. Currently employed as graduate civil engineer at Kuching. Wow Mr. Paul, well done!! and i appreciate your afford to gather all the bidayuh in one wonderful website. Message to all the bidayuh, please be proud that u were born as a bidayuh. we are a special community. We may upgrade ourself but please don't forget our language, culture and tradition. Don't let our races down.
E-mail: ascotia_via@hotmail.com

Colin Winchester & Joane Robat
I would like to update my entry:
My email address is now kpgduras@netfactory.com.au
Also, please delete my postal address as we have moved.

Name: Aymer Cedrick.
I'm married with a lady from Sibu. I'm from Serian, a former student from SMK Serian (1989-1991), MRSM  Muar (1992-1993), Kolej Mara Seremban (1994-1996) and Universiti kebangsaan Malaysia (1996-1999). At the moment, im working with Saberkas Negeri Sarawak, as a Head of IT Department. So , those who knows me, please contact at email: aymer_cedrick@hotmail.com.   Last but not lease....bubai....muahs

Name: Nomansia Nawot
email: vangas_sia@hotmail.com
Hi...to all my Bidayuh friends. My name is Nomansia Nawot. I am bidayuh from Bau. My dad is from Kampung Bokah and my mum is from Kampung Raso II. Right now we stay at Kampung Bokah. I am taking Bachelor of Information Technology at University of Malaya. Now this is my final year. Mr. Paul, please include my e-mail in your wonderful web site.

Peter & Mary Ashman,
Mary is a Bidayuh from KPG. Apar Bau. I am formerly from Wales and Mary and I now live in Adelaide South Australia.  We would like to hear feom anyone interestrd in yarning about Sarawak or any sportimg topic, especially Rugby Union football or cricket,or for that matter anything at all. Your metwork is doing a great job, and thanks for the priviledge of being included.  Our preseny Email address is firefly18@bigpond.com

My name is Juraiti Epon.
My hometown is Kampung Keranji, Lundu. Sarawak. I'am Bidayuh Selakao. Currently I study at
Unisel-SLC taking ICT II course.
email: keranji@hotmail.comitiaruj2@yahoo.com
personal webpage at  http://www.geocities.com/itiaruj2

I am Malcolm Herwin  59 yrs living Ashford Kent England. During the early 1960s I had 4 visits to Borneo to Saba Sept 62, Limbang 12 Dec 62, and two three month stays at Stass 1963. These last two were the best, many good memories of the people and the surrounding area. I was a rifleman with 42 Commando, Royal Marines. under Paddy Ashdown. our Troop commander. One of my specialists tasks was, Medical orderly for the troop and I used to hold a daily clinic for the villagers when I was in the Fort  and not patrolling the boarder climbing to the top of Gunong Rhya etc. At one time I lost a realy nice stainless steel pocket knife, you can imagine my supprise, when during the next clinic a small group of children came up to me and presented my knife to me. I would very much like to re visit Stass, Has it changed much. I would also like to visit Limbang as it will be 40 years this December since I lost a realy good friend there .

Name: Rosline Rayid
Hometown: Kampung Siburan.
Current Residence: Rua Frederico Welwitcsh, 54,Maculusso
Luanda Angola. West Africa
Email Address: rrayid@yahoo.com
Message:  Dear lost friends if you happen to come accross to this site, please do write to me.

Name: Jamey
better known as Jamel in my kampung. ( Kg. Bogag, Bau.)
Congratulation to Paul Remek for maintaining this website and let it be for the good cause of our community...nice knowing the rest of u.

Name: Vitini Josak
E-mail: vitinijosak@avenue2047.com; vitini@yahoo.com; VitiniJ@caltex.com
Birthday: February 1976
Kupua': Kpg Semaba
Education: SRK Nanga Strass, Bintangor (1981-87)
SMK Julau, Julau (1988-1990)
SM Sains Miri (1991-92)
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (1993-1998) - B.Sc.
Petroleum Engineering

I am now working with Caltex Oil Malaysia Limited in KL. Doing
Environment, Health & Safety. Dingan-dingan dak omba, please contact me.
For those who knows my parents and wish to contact them, you may send
e-mail thru me as well. My samak: Josak Siam, My sindok: Lisene Taham @
Alice Lisences.

Name: Joseph Seing
My name is Joseph Seing and I came across this website by accident. It a good thing that you have done here by connecting the Bidoyoh's people. I am 100% pure Bidoyoh from Bau. My Dad is from Kpg Grogo and my Mum is from Kpg Serikin. I am now working with an oil firm in Miri for the last 11yrs. I studied in St Joseph, Kuching and staying Badruddin Police Complex until 1982.Hope that any bidoyoh friends/former schoolmates/classmate who knows me
can e-mail me at this address
j_gnies@hotmail.com or snake65@bluehyppo.com

Name: Joe Sigod
Email: ozealw@hotmail.com
Home : Kampung Raso II,( Kupuok Rassau )
           Jalan Bau/Lundu, Batu 32
           94000 Bau.
Hello..bidayuh guys.Glade to find u all in bidayuh wedsite.Mr.Paul..please include my e-mail in your wedsite. Now i'm teaching at SMK Deshon Sibu.

Christina Rutom,
Kpg Apar, Singai Bau
My husband and I will be leaving Russia at the end of March, after 18 months here, to move to York, England.Could you please update our e-mail address from April to :-
Thanks for including us on the network, this is our third update.

Name: Audreen Siten
Village:Kampung Suba/Semeba
Age: 10 years old
School: S.K. Ong Tiang Swee, Kuching
Hobby: Reading storybooks, swimming and collecting stamps.
Email: siam@pd.jaring.my
I am a student. I have two villages there because my father is from  Suba Bau and my mother is from Semeba. I have seen a lot of people written in this Bidayuh Website and it's very interesting because they live/stay in different places. I'm just a kid but I wanted to be part of this website. I hope other kids can be part in this website too.

Name: Miro Saymour Simuh
Hi..thanks for the opportunity. Well, I am a pure bidayuh from Kandis Baru, Bau. Currently working at TOKO Electronic (Sarawak) as a  Administrative Officer (Japanese Company)....hait arigato. Graduated from UiTM (Sabah) for Diploma and UUM for Bac. Degree. It's nice to know you guys in the net, even though I didn't see ur true face. But still I can feel that bidayuh's are every where now. As long that we are no longer a dangered species. O.k guys, if ur wanna do some business with me, do have a convenience time to deal with me as below:
Miro Saymour Simuh
TOKO Electronic (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd
Sama Jaya Free Industrial Zone
93450 Kuching, Sarawak
mail me at: miro@toko.co.jp

Name: Richard ak Duwib
E mail: chard_pen@yahoo.com.
I'm Richard ak Duwib from Kampung Karu, a Government servant at sarawak Information Department Jalan Masjid. I'm a part time student at Kuching Polytechnic. My course  is Diploma In Electronic Engineering. Congratulate you for a very interesting and useful homepage.

Name: Bobby Dickson Forster@ Dick- ex Tanjung Lobang, Miri.
An Iban residing in the US trying to locate some Bidayuh friends namely Anthony Edward Megat of Kpg. Taie, Lukas Jengka, Anselm Diye, Apin Pauzan of Kampung Pueh, Ronnie Boniface. Alive and still kickin' down south in Dixieland!! Education: BA in Economics, Master in Economics and Public Administration, post grad in Strategic Management. Currently employed as HR spec. If anyone could locate the above-mentioned long-lost buddies of mine, email me @
bulaenggai@hotmail.com or borneo@cableone.net
Ya'll be good and be happy.

Name: Jeri
Email: jericole26@hotmail.com
I am a Bidayuh from Kpg. Punau, Penrissen. Working as a Research Officer in Mukah.
Hello fellow Bidayuhs, remarkable to note that Bidayuhs are now wide spread all over the worlds
either married or working. Please don't forget our language, culture and tradition......show it to other people surrounds you where possible....and promote Sarawak in particular.

Name:Lucy Robert
E-mail: sillytree2001@yahoo.com
Remark: Lucy is now working in Chicago.

Name:Patricia Robert Limbang
Remark: Lucy's sister.
Patricia is now working with SIRIM in KL.

Name: Josephine
Email me at: papin_jfam@hotmail.com
I'm so delighted to have found a BIDAYUH homepage and it seems that the bidayuhs are all around
the world. That's great! Let the world know about us! I must say - I'M PROUD TO BE A BIDAYUH.
I'm an english tutor in a private school and currently furthering my degree in TESL. I'd like to get to
know more Bidayuh friends......

Name: Deru Anak Anding
Hometown: Kampung Skibang Bau
Email: abu-abi@anding.freeserve.co.uk
At the moment,I'm studying Architecture in the University of North London England.
"Bidayuh Website" is an extraordinarily bidayuh participation in the modern world that we all have long
wanted for. I am very proud to have found this "B.Web". What I feel is beyond my speec. An existing
"Bidayuh Website" as the source of unity, what are we waiting for, KEEP IN TOUCH!

Name: Rogers Niat
Email: nsibarisnait@yahoo.com
Dear Paul, We bumped on each other while you were window shopping in Miri some time this year.You have
done great to promote the bidayuh to the world. I was trained as a chartered secretary but work as a training officer/Assessor with one of a small company in Miri.I have just completed my MBA. I would sincerely like to contact former colleagues and friends.Please include my name in your listing.

Name: Francis Teron Kadap Anak Noyet
E-mail: fkadap@tm.net
Remark: Advocates and Solicitors by profession. Glad to know that we have this homepage. it
enable us to 'locate missing' friends etc. Great job Mr. Paul Remek.

Name: Elna ak. Akam
Home: Kampung Sungai Pinang , Bau.
E-mail: biboka@yahoo.com
Pingunang okuk: Final year at UTM, taking electrical engineering.

Name: Clare William Pudin@ Norfarhana Abdullah
E-mail: anaz_70@hotmail.com
Remark: Currently studying in University Malaysia Sarawak majoring in TESL (Teaching English as a second language). I'm on study leave and soon will be going back school to teach most probably in Lawas (northern part  of Sawarak) Ex student of SMB St. Teresa and SMB St. Joseph, Kuching. Anyone who knows me(ex-classmates/ex-school mates/old friends) do keep in touch. Proud to be Bidayuh regardless of the religion and one's belief. Still consider myself a Bidayuh.
Contact Number: 013-8104983

Name: Jacylin Joseph
Hello!! I'am Jacylin Joseph from Serikin,Bau.  Now I'm staying at Melaka.You know it a historycal town. I'am working part
time and study in the morning. Glad to make you all as my new friend . If  you interested to be my friend e-mail me at :

Name: Zinardi Ziden
Email: mayauom@hotmail.com
message: tahniah yen sok pereng nak bidayuh terutama yen bara deka nok  brajar di universiti, samada di oversea atau universiti darom malaysia  tik. pesanan kuk duk bara, ingat bangsa bidayuh atik kambui ngan meh  grad matik. deh kambet asar rais ngan. jangan lupa asal keturunan. angan  patut bangga jadi nak bidayuh. kan daped, jadilah pemerintah yang  prihatin terhadap kebajikan penduduk bidayuh. BUKANNYA PRIHATIN TERHADAP POKET KAMU SENDIRI. yen bara pemerintah di kawasan bidayuh, teruskan  usaha jujurmu untuk membangunkan kawasan bidayuh, terutama jalan raya  dan bekalan eletrik. jalan kampung Danu harap di tar kan secepat mungkin  sebab kapung Danu sangat berpotensi untuk menjadi kawasan eco  pelancongan. Bekalkan juga bekalan eletrik secepat mungkin. thanks for your concern.
thank you.

Name: Bartholomew Sinos
E-mail address: 01291005@mobitel.com.kh

Congratulations on your excellent major project in getting fellow  Bidayuhs together on the net. I happened to know of this site from a  fellow Bidayuh  who now holds a big post in Miri. I would be very glad  if you could include me in this site.
My name is Bartholomew Sinos, male aged 43 . Orginally from Kampong  Seratau. Mother is  a Chinese from Siniawan, Bau and my father is a  pure 100% Bidayuh from Kpg. Seratau. Now currently working in Siem Reap, Cambodia as the Finance/Operations Manager for a Malaysian-French JV  consortium for airport management in Cambodia. Like our MAB bah. I am  confident to say that I am the ONLY BIDAYUH in Cambodia.... at the moment lah..We have other fellow Malaysians here like the Kirieng, Bisina and Tambi. Malaysia is the biggest investor in Cambodia. I have  been in Cambodia since 1994 and initially worked for a M'sian bank prior to my current job.
I welcome e-mails from all Malaysians esp. fellow Bidayuhs and also to keep in touch with home. Also welcome to all who wish to visit Angkor Wat, one of the seven wonders of the world!!!!.....
All the best to you, Somba Paul...

Name: Martha Bryant
Email: marthasb@bellsouth.net
Paul, You mention in http://ace.cdc.abu.com/~paular/pinya.html that you have
further writings on ngasa.  Are they available online?
Thank you so much.

Name : Bengkil Jimi
Another Salako from Kampong Paon
Now working with NREB Sarawak
Well we are bidayuh
Email: bengkilj@sarawaknet.gov.my

Hi Paul,
do you still remember me? I am Sander Plug and about 5 years ago I did my graduation project in Kuching with CDC internet. One day in September/October you took my friend William and I to Bau to show us around there. At that time we also met a friend Nancy Joesel, she is from Bau as well. Last thing I heard about her is that she is in France now. William, who is just back from a trip to Kuching has tried to contact her but nobody seems to know her address or phone number.
I thought I give you an email, since you are also from Bau and you are migh able to help us finding her address or phonenumber. Maybe you can ask her parents:
Stephen Joesel
any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Sander Plug
the Netherlands

NAME:  Ramona Kirkeeng (maiden name COTTER)
HOMETOWN:  Kampong Tajong, Singgai
CURRENT ADD:  Dayton, Ohio 45431
EMAIL:  rkirkeeng@hotmail.com
Remark: I am please to come across this website (my brother introduce this website to me) What can I say: " Be strong Bidayuh..keep that culture going".

Name: Terry Dolinting
 Name: teryobs@pd.jaring.my
Dear Paul,
Congratulation for making this Bidayuh's section becomes an opportunities for others to get in contact to each other. I am not a
Bidayuh however I knew a little bit about the race since I worked for some Bidayuh's villages and communities in Serian and Bau for about three years in exposure. Being a Sabahan, I salute and respect those who are acknowledging their origin!

Name: Jack Rhodes
Email: jrhodes63@yahoo.com
Greetings from St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.  Just a quick note to say that I enjoyed your website.  You have done a really nice job of developing it.  It was great to see some pictures of Bau.  I lived there for two years from January 1968 to December 1969.  My wife and I were in the Peace Corps and lived on the campus of Bau Government Secondary School.  She taught at the school, and I worked with teachers at about 20 primary schools around the Bau area -- lots of long walks through the forests!  Do you know any of the former students from that time period?  Some of the students I remember are Dilol, Choo Miaw Kim, Christian Sudien and Loh Poh Leong.  Some of the teachers were Moh Mee Siang, Ng Jork Teck and Angela Chong. It was a wonderful time, and I have many fond memories of Bau. Does "Bong" still have a noodle shop on the Bazaar?  I really loved the mee goreng and the curry rice!  I hope to make a return visit one of these days.  I have never been back since my stay there.

Name (ganan) : Mathias Vincent
E-mail Aku : Elsymac@Yahoo.com
Kampung asal : Sebintin, Serian
Residence :Lot 919, Taman Anggerik Indah, Lorong
Duranta, 94700 Serian, Sarawak

Remark: I am a Bidayuh from Kampung Sebintin, Serian. I graduate from UITM in 1995 with Diploma in Plantation Industry & Mgt and then proceed to do my degree at University Putra Malaysia (UPM) in (1996 until 1999) and graduated with Bachelor Science Bioindustry (majoring in Crop Science). At the same year, I was offered by UPM with two Master Degree programme that were in Master in Forestry and Master in Landscaping, but was rejected by me cause no exposure in this programme.
Nya-boh (La La Hey)... sawa 2000, aku kiraja da united Spice Plantation Sdn Bhd silaku Manager Ladang.
Aduh.... tension (mandam ba-ak) kiraja da tarun siti. Gaji malar lambat luah. Buran 9 sawa 2000, aku nkubo
zaman bujang aku, lalu kawen dengan dayung massu Serian da biganan Elsy Thomas. Happy raye pimudip ami.
Sawa 2001, tok iti nuh, aku kiraja dengan private sector da Kuching. Rami raye kiraja du tempat siti.
Aku kiraja silaku Administrative Officer (kadang-kadang Quantity Surveyor). Sanda pasan aku
ndug bala anak kita Bidayuh, bilajar gintu-gintu binbancha kita manteg massu bancha da bekun.
Tok tok siyok.....siyok matuk padi.....mudip
Bidayuh.....Puji Tuhan

Name: Christopher Biggy
Hi, My name is Christopher Biggy from Serian, well actually Jln Monkos Kpg. Bunan Gega.So basically I'am searching for a Bidayuh girlfriend coz I believe we Bidayuh people must stick together and unite or we will "fall" Please anyone reply
: ) mmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Full name:  Michael Jerigen Kadap ak Noyet
Hometown:    Bau
Current residence: Limbang
Occupation: Teacher
e-mail: kadap@pd.jaring.my
just glad to be in your list...................

Please change our e-mail on this listing. Please change to
Thank you very much,
Mark & Alice Besecker

Put me on the Net, and I hope to hear from my Bidayuh friends soon.
Hello all.
My name is Chu Pau Thiam, and I am a US-trained civil engineer. I am a non-Bidayuh, of Chinese and Sino-Dusun parentage, which makes me a Sino-Kadazan, or nowadays, called a Sino-Kadazandusun.
I worked in various capacities as a civil/structural engineer in Sabah (Beaufort, Tawau, Bukitgaram, Kota Kinabalu) before joining Sarawak Shell Berhad in December 1992. From Dec. '92 until June '99, I was with Sarawak Shell in Lutong, Sarawak as a civil project engineer. I got to know quite a lot of good Bidayuh friends from Sarawak Shell, Petronas. You know who you are. Unfortunately, I have lost touch with most of them, and would like to rekindle ties again.
I was also an active hasher with the Miri Hash House Harriers.
I really enjoyed my stint in Sarawak, having visited some of the more interesting places, like Mulu Caves, climbing Mt. Mulu, visiting Lambir National Park, Batu Niah National Park, hashing in Lambir, over-nighting at Logan Bunut, etc. etc.
I am currently working for a major engineering firm in Jackson, Mississippi. Living the southern life, and lots of soul food and the blues! If you're ever down south in Mississippi, please do call for a bit of southern hospitality!
I would like to reopen ties to all my Bidayuh friends again, and would really appreciate it if you could write me at my office email address:
Pau Chu
Project Engineer
IMS Engineers, P. A.

Name: Simon Remek
Selamat Gawai Dayak nudu ingan di kupuok.  Oni wat onu gawea sowa itis? Rami?
Financial Consultant with AIA Kuching. Any insurance needs, see Simon

Hi Paul,
Hope you are well!  I am moving to Sacramento, California.  My email
address here is about to expire so my new one is:
Talk to you soon,

Name: Anderson Desmond Minjap
Email: anders@bnm.gov.my
how are u?.....glad to find bidayuh website.... please include my name in your website too...
i'm from Kampung Semaba, now working in Bank Negara , KL.
Thats all about me for now...

Dear Paul.
Daang ku mowah ni pulou-pulou internet itih, tang-tang sija oku ngulusu homepage mu. Sukup paguh eh ju tikoyo nyam otin ku da' eh ju sua nuna geh koda madis to de bokon.
Adon ku Dickson Noyen. Nyaa de kupuo mogan oku Kodek. Oku mo jadi misitar 20 sowa lobih. Oku pornah ngajar de St. Stephen 8 sowa . Oku so Kupuo Stenggang (Tonggang) Bau.Sibayuh ku molot universiti , oku ngajar de kupou Stenggang geh. Adin oku julah ku sammung sikolah ku de UNIMAS (bilajar punuo masa.--- mit first degree ku)
Oku mit jurusan Muzik Teknologi. Adin oku daang final year. Osi -osi ingan de Bidayuh ogi belajar pasal Muzik, tulung email oku Conai@tm.net.my   .Oku ia puan osi bangsa oto bidayuh ogi belajar muzik sa to dapod samah-samah kongsi ilmu to pasal muzik. Oku adin julah ku nai kajian pasal muzik oto kaum Bidoyoh, selain ku belajar muzik de antara bangsa.
Paul, take note of my e-mail address. It's conai@tm.net.my
I am at present doing my Industrial training and is now on attachment with the BTPN  Sarawak.

Name: Elizabeth Oscar
My name  is Elizabeth Oscar, daughter of the late  Rev. Oscar Sindon from Kg. Taie, Serian.  I reside in Parksville, Canada.  I am married to  Mel Zwierink, a Canadian and have two children, Katarina and Marc.  I have two sisters, Cathy Dudley and Julie Atkinson  and a brother Francis Oscar also residing  in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.  I can be contacted at

Just to let you know our new email address kpgduras@bigpond.com so you can update our listing.
Joane Robat ak Wilfred

Hi Paul:
A fellow bidayuh from New jersey emailed..thanks for the network..it looked great. Just an updated. I've gradauted with a Master's in Communication in Dec of 2000 and am now working on a post master's program. I might be moving soon but would welcome any fellow bidayuhs around the world to keep in touch with me at my hotmail address.
Sylvana Gines

Name: Herman Adrian
Email: Herman_Adrian@emm.ericsson.se
The Bidayuh iWorld website (http://bidayuh.tripod.com/) has gone through some major updates.
You can now watch and listen to streaming media on Real format. Click at http://bidayuh.tripod.com/media/bungbratak1/index.html
to watch or listen  to famous bidayuh/iban artist like Richmond Allan, Mike Rantai, Richard  Wonder, Alon Lupeng, A.J. and many more.
As a way to improve the Bidayuh iWorld site, we welcome contributions in  terms of articles, audios, videos, recipes, in fact anything to be added on the site.

Name: Edwin Ak Limban
I hails from Kg. Segong Bau.
Profession: Head of Regional Service Centre Sarawak.
                 PaduNet Sdn.Bhd. ( wholly own by HeiTech Padu Bhd. )
                 No. 3 Hock Kui Commercial Centre, Jln. Tun Ahmad Zaidi
Email: edwin@heitech.com.my
Webpage: www.heitech.com.my
 Tel: 082-240271, 019-3577523  ( FAX  082-244067 )

Name: Nesly Rebid-Sharkaw
Email: neslyr@sarawaknet.gov.my
I am Nesly Rebid-Sharkawi, working with Pustaka Negeri Sarawak ( www.pustaka-sarawak.com ).  I am doing a project for the State Library ( for about 3 years ) to produce a bibliography on  Ph.D. theses done on Sarawak ONLY  (done/produced/published locally and internationally by locals and foreigners ).
Dear Bidayuh and non-Bidayuh friends, I really need your help. If you have friends/relatives, etc who have done their Ph.D, on Sarawak,please e-mail me at ( neslyr@sarawaknet.gov.my ) or if you have  materials on Sarawak ( esp. rare ), please contact Puan Arpah Adenan ( arpaha@sarawaknet.gov.my ). We buy them for the library as well.

Name: Emmy Rohani Dohe
Ni Kabar nga di Bau?
I turn to Sarawak Tribune on the net and I found your wonderfull  homepage.
Name : Emmy Rohani Dohe, living in Melbourne Australalia.Working as A Landscape Architect . Did my studies in Melbourne back in 1995 , wentt  back to KL to work with a consultant, met my husband there who is also a Landscape Architect  .I am missing Kuching , but what I want you to write in the message is that I want to know and meet any bidyuh who is in Melbourne.I thought of starting a Bidayuh or any Sarawakian  corner here in Melbourne so people and meet and catch up with language and tradition . I was back in Kuching for Christmas last year.
My family is living in BDC , but my wonderfull Kampung is Kampung Petung , Penrissen.
This was send through my work email no. Write to me back on this address;
I also met two relative on your page...one living in New Jersey and the other in Texas .Paula Gruber and Milton Maong.I am really proud to call myself a Bidayuh no matter where I am .

Name: Madin.
E-mail: abby_madin@hotmail.com
Seramat bedapot daang komputer ti. Oni khabar, oku arap su'ak su'ak paguh? Oku ti sok Sri Aman, no'u oku bekoja di Bau, ogik 7 soak. Ku ti Salako korja daang SALCRA di Jagoi no'u. Adin dah transfer ke Sri Aman. Well, good to meet u and I had learned your language in my 7 years there. Jagoi are good and friendly people.

Name: Niponi Undek
Email: niponi@pd.jaring.my
hello guy, I am Niponi Undek, nyaa so Kopouk Tibaro, Lundu,a selako by real species. Oku kerja daak health dept. (kolej kesihatan awam, kota sentosa, kuching, just next to Hospital bahagia. see you one day

Name: Petrus Goel.
Email: baggy@tm.net.my
hi Paul...
This is the first time I go to your bidayuh pages. Thank you very much. You know, this is a very-very good idea. Why? Because I just caught two of my cousin listing here...Jisam and Jihem Noyep....wow.
Can you list me here too?
Well ...my name is Petrus Goel. I came from Kampung Stenggang, Bau. I am currently studying in Kolej Universiti Teknologi Tun Hussein Onn, Johore. Still study for my Bsc.Electronic Communication Eng.
My earlier school is SRB St. Theresa Stenggang, SMK Bau and SMB Kuching High. I complete my Cert.in Communication Engineering from Kuching Polytechnic in 1998. Feel proud to be a Bidayuh and I promise you, I will tell all of my friend about your very wonderful homepage. Thanks.

Name: Sandra Allenson
Email: aeshadra@hotmail.com
Remark: I'm so excited when I came across this homepage.  Thank you and congratulation to you.  Well, I'm Sandra
(Bidayuh) from Kpg Benuk, Jalan Penrissen.  At the moment I'm working as a secretary in private company.  Hoping
to hear some news from our fellow bidayuh friend.

Name: Mathew Litis
Email: lupak84@hotmail.comsupak84@hotmail.com and solinia68@yahoo.com
Remark: Mathew just got on to the internet. He and his wife Irene are teachers at SK Puun Tunuh, Penampang, Sabah. Mathew is from Bau, Sarawak.

Name: Libar (Martha, Rosiline) Jugah
Remark: I am Peter Borsboom Married in 1992 with Martha Jugah from Serian.
Living in Holland near Rotterdam.
We are looking for more Bidayuh's in especially in Europe.
My homepage can be found on: http://www.qsl.net/pb4cc
Email: pb4cc@pi4cc.nl

Name: Caroline Jinap
Email: caroljinap@yahoo.com
Remark: hi, nice knowing another bidayuh.  As for me, I've been working and living in KL for the past 4 years.
I'm currently working with MRCB, located in Shah Alam but reside in PJ with my husband.
I'm from Kpg Stenggang, Bau but all the while been raised in Kuching...my parents are staying at Everbright Jaya...near BDC

Name:- Christina Rutom
Background:-Bidayuh from Kpg Apar, Bau Singgai, married to a Yorkshireman and lived for the past 18 months in York,England
Current Residence:- Samara in Russia,which is 1000km east of Moscow on theVolga river.
We have just moved to Samara in Russia where my husband is in charge of a project to install new chocolate manufacturing lines in the factory here.We will probably be here for a couple of years before returning home to Sarawak but will definately visit Kpg Apar for Gawai each year. The conditions will take some getting used to as we have lots of snow and temperatures down to minus 30deg C. in winter.
As the only Bidayuh in this region anyone who wants to get in touch can reach me at the address below.
Neil Ainsworth
Technical Manager
Nestle Samara
Rossiya Chocolate Factory
257 Kirov Prospect
443091 Samara
Tel No 00 7 8462 990445
Fax No 00 7 8462 990484
e-mail:- neil.ainsworth@ru.nestle.com

Name: Frankie Lim
Species:Straits Chinese(father) and Bidoyoh(mother)
E-mail: apeklim@tm.net.my
At present, working in MLNG SDN. BHD.,Bintulu, Sarawak.
My education background:
SRB St. Threasa, Kupuo Stenggang, Bau(Primary)
Kolej Tun Abdul Razak@ Dragon School (Form 6).
I'm always proud to be a Bidayuh although the government cop me being non-Bumi. Though we have language barrier
between us, but we Bidayuhs still maintain the old good quality, i.e. shy, polite, hardworking. With these 'basic instinct' we
can see fellow Bidayuhs scatter all over the world(kalik man deh). 'Tak Akan Bidayuh Hilang Di Dunia'.
Syabas for the initiative to keep this web page alive walaupun oku sendiri dapod address mail itih so dingan bansa Iban.
It is a good platform to link fellow Bidayuhs besides our DBNA.

Name: Frank anak Meol
Email: meol@pd.jaring.my
Remark: Oku so Kpg. Semeba. Umur ku 18 sowa dan oku dadin mit Martrikulasi da Cheemai  Jaya, Kuching. Wat nasib ku paguh oku
kira nyambung sekolah ku nog

Name: George Sikien ak Sunow ( MII-LUTCF)
Address: Francis Sirai, Sikien & Associates
              Lot 1084, 2nd Floor, Jalan Merpati,98008, Miri.
Email : gsikien@tm.net.my
H/P: 019-8844237
Tel/Fax: 085-418237
Remark: Sukup paguh website de nai mu duoh Joseph Jindy. Trimakaseh nudu ingan
de duoh.Oku start tanon de members dati da mowah tudu websites demuti,
sama-ada so eh blajar pasar Bidayuh atau ruban de-bokon.

Name : Manium ak. Engang
E-mail: manium@tm.net.mt
Remark: Also a Salako Bidayuh. Origin, Pasir Ulu, Lundu. Presently as school principal at SMK Sematan, Lundu,
Sarawak Malaysia. Happy to locate this site. Paul, you make us proud being Bidayuh. Congratulations!!
Looking forward to get in touch with anyone especially on education.

Name: Gwendolin Leony Alphonsus
Hometown/ Background: Serian (Biatah-Bisadong)
Current Resident: Ottawa, Canada
E-mail: galphonsus@enssi.com
Remarks: Anih agah! Well now, this is my third update since I joined in this Bidayuh Network. And I'm never ceased to be amazed by the number of Bidayuh out there. Well then, I am now married to a wonderful Canadian and currently residing in Ottawa. I was in Nottingham Uni doing my degree in Food Science, and then I work in Kuching as a Food Technologist for about 18 months before I met my husband. Anyway, I'm hoping to pursue my Masters here in the near future. But, at the moment I am exceedingly happy to be retired (even if it's only temporary).
I find this site (as always) very informative and it's a great site for Bidayuh world-wide to get in
touch with each other. Again, thanks Paul, for keeping us Bidayuh connected! [Sep 7th, 2000]

Name: Chen Swee Lung,
e-mail oku: buai_doyoh@yahoo.com
Remark: Hai..oku nyaa sok Bau.Samakku bisina sok Krokong sinokku pula Bidayuh tulen sok kupua Podam.Jadi oku tih campuran Cina-Bidayuh.Oku dadin study kat UTM.First year.Oku mit chemical-gas engineering.
Sekolah oma: SRB St.Patrick.
                      SMK Lake
                      Kolej DPAH Abdillah
Alamat bori: Chen Swee Lung,
                   P.O.Box 74,
                   Kampung Bidi,
                   94000 Bau,

Name: Redemptus Raban Anggu
E-mail: raatra@tm.net.my
Residence: Lot 1166 Taman Tropimas, Batu Kawa, Kuching, Sarawak /
                   F2, Federal Qtrs., Seketi Lundu 94500
Remark: My name is as above, a Bidayuh Selako from Biawak Lundu. I am a decent teacher with the minimum of acedamic merits. Scrolling through your site made me recall some of the familiar names who I personally know. If I can remember correctly, Simon Remek, your younger brother was formerly my classmate in Kolej Abdillah Kuching back in 1978-79.
My topics of interest is Christianity (Catholic) and Bonsai.
Paul you have done a great job by trying to get as many Bidayuhs as possible to be identified via the net.
Thank you. God Bless you.

Name: Agnes Jonep
E-mail: singanet@tm.net.my
Remark: I came across your listing (Bidayuh Netizens) and found it quite useful and
informative and would probably be a re-union site for those long missin', etc.
My name is Agnes Jonep and I'm currently working as a marketing executive in
a KL based company.
I'm from Kampung Merembeh, Bau and was an ex-BGSS students and graduated
from UTM, back in 1999.
Grateful if you could include me in your listing. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Name              : Irine Runnie ak Henry Ginjom
Background     : Bidayuh from Kpg. Semaba / Kpg. Bumbok
e-mail address : runnie98@hotmail.com
Current `activity' : Completing Masters degree in Food Science (UPM
Malaysia / CSIRO Australia)
Messages       :
Hi all! I am really glad to be part of this network.  Hope there will be more Bidayuhs out there or whoever interested to come forward and join this network. Thanks to Paul for his effort. It's really great.

Name: Mr. Kron Aken
email: kron.aken@cbr.for.csiro.au
Hometown: Bau, Sarawak. (Kampung Stenggang).
Remarks: Work as a Training Officer with CSIRO Division of Forestry and Forest Products, Canberra, Australia. A Bidayuh and would like to meet other Bidayuh on the Internet.
Check Kpg Stenggang web site at

Name: Ali Bosen
Email: bobogi@yahoo.com
Remark: I'm Ali Bosen from Kpg. Skibang, Bau. Currently working with Public Work Depart. Dalat, Sarawak.
studying history: 1974-1979 srk kpg. skibang, 1980-1983 smk bau, 1984-1985 smv
bintulu, 1986-1989 uni tek mal, jln gurney, kl. 1990 working.
Keep up your good work.
Wish u all the best.

Name: Jeffrison Dinging
E-mail: jep1264@hotmail.com
Remark: I'm glad to see that you are one of the real Bidayuh person.  It is very useful to let other races / tourists to know our culture.
Thank you for your efforts. I'm very proud to born as a Bidayuh.  If anything, don't hesitate to email me at  jep1264@hotmail.com

Name: Simon Fowel Tami.
E-mail: sftamm@tm.net.my
Office contact: (082) 441188, 491631
Remark: I come from Kampung Tanjong Poting, Singai, Bau. I am married. My wife name
is Anita Martin Mon and is from Kampung Krusen, Serian. I have three
children - Amberlyn, Sif and Alynda.
My education history - St. Joseph Primary School (Kuching), St. Joseph Secondary School (Kuching and Miri), Tanjong Lobang College (Miri), California State University Fresno (USA). Currently, I am working in Sarawak Electricity Supply Corporation (SESCo) as a Mechanical Engineer. Sipol and Kenneth (listed on this webpage) are my SESCO buddies. If someone in the cyber space recognise any of these descriptions, do e-mail or contact me.
Wonderful Bidayuh network site. Let hope, somewhen, somewhere, somehow,
Bidayuh will venture into outer space.

Name:  Paula Gruber
email address:  lgruber@home.com
Message:  I am  Bidayuh , mom from Penrissen area, and dad from Serian, but live in New Jersey, USA.  Married with one daughter.  Would like to hear from any Bidayuh and friends who know me.
Current address:
  84 Ridge Drive
  NJ 07039

Name: Wan Dalina Arnida Wan Kamaran
Email: dalina_arnida@angelfire.com
I'm a mix (Malay& Bidayuh). Degree in Hotel Management from UiTM. My aunt Paula and uncle Milton are listed on this Bidayuh Network. Hope to know more Bidayuhs on the network and feel free to email me. Thank you.

Name: Elis ak Kudui
E-mail: elis.kudui@gmx.ch
Home:  Kpg. Masaan (Siburan)
Residence:  CH-9400 Rorschach, Switzerland
Remark: I am a Bidayuh from Kpg, Masaan. My father is Kudui ak Suwed, now Pemanca over Siburan district. My mother is of Chinese origin and Iím the eldest sister of seven children.
I am married to a Swiss, Martin Gruenberger, who served in the early seventies as Forestry Consultant (and HHH!) in Sarawak.
Since 1973 I am living in small but beautiful Switzerland.
Our children are Mosko (1973), Tina (1980) and Julian (1984).
Hobbies: Asian cooking, gardening, swimming, hiking, skiing.
We are regularly visiting Sarawak. Please feel free to contact us- we would like to meet more natives of Sarawak in Europe!

Name: Julie Jono
E-mail: julie@sains.com.my
Husband's name: Joseph Jindy ak Peter Rosen
e-mail: jindy@malinet.net.my
Remarks: Hello, I'm Julie Jono from Kpg. Giam, Penrissen and married to a guy from Kpg. Tembawang Sauh, Bau. We have three wonderful sons.  Currently, I'm working with Sarawak Information System Sdn. Bhd. (SAINS) as an EDP Executive staff.
Julie ak Jono
Sarawak Information Systems Sdn. Bhd.
3rd Floor Wisma Bapa Malaysia
Petra Jaya, 93502 Kuching, Sarawak.
Tel: 082-445199/444199 (o)  Fax: 082-444211

Name: Peter Ashman
Email: firefly18@bigpond.com
Address: 12. Hurst Crescent,  Salisbury East , South Australia, 5109.
Phone. (08) 8285 2094.
My name is Peter Ashman and my wife Mary is a Bidayuh from Kpg. Apar.  We have been on your Network list for nearly two years now and we really appreciate the priviledge of being included. We seem to have lost contact with some of our former friends on the network perhaps because we now have a different email address. would it be possible to have our new address updated. we live in Adelaide Auatralia

Name: jisam
e-mail: jisam@tm.net.my  (all e-mails are welcome)
residence: No. 27, Lorong 12, Sg. Isap Damai, 25150 Kuantan.
Remark: Congratulations for providing an interesting web-page for Bidayuhs on the net. I am also a Bidayuh from Kpg. Stenggang in Bau. By a mere chance I came across this page and am overwhelmed to know that many fellow Bidayuhs are spreading their wings beyond our own shores.Hopefully many more will join in this page.
Presently, I am reciding in Kuantan,because my husband is currently working with an aeronautical company servicing the MIG aircraft from TUDM Kuantan. It would be a great pleasure to get e-mails from those who have known me while I was a  student  at SMK Lake, SMK Bau, Kolej Tanjong Lobang and ITM Shah Alam.

Name: Irwanddy Edy Joe@Aiijay Anak Edward Japit
Address: No 4 Kampung Abang, Jln. Padawan 93500 Kuching Sarawak
                        2.SMK PADAWAN,KUCHING
                        4.UNIVERSITY UTARA MALAYSIA
Email: wandycute_80@hotmail.com
REMARK: Anyway thanks to all and happy friendship from me Edy Joe to all Bidayuh and others.... for all my friends who recognise me, please email me okay. Thanks for Bidayuh webmaster.

Name: Micheal Benjo Sibong
E-mail: bidayuh79@yahoo.com
Hometown: Kpg Jugan, Bau.
Remarks: Student, UTM, Skudai, Johor.  Bsc (Hons) in Education (Science) 99-03
Hai! nice 2 meet u all.Ja otto samah-samah jaga adat kaum otto,ma oda moyap!

Name: Barnabas Lucas Dichau
From: Kampung Sibuluh, Bau
e-mail: lucccaaa@chickmail.com
still studying in UNIMAS. hopefully graduating by may 2001. welcome to
the new millenium!!
Barnabas Lucas is now undergoing teachers' training at BLTC. (2003)

Name : Eaqerzilla Phang
Email:  eqzla@hotmail.com
Married to Konsil Genam (Ibanese) of Kanowit
Children : 11 months babyboy - Allistair Nallie
I'm a 75% Bidayuh and 25% Chinese from Kpg Sudoh ,Singhai ..
Currently I'm working in UTM as a Research Officer after graduating with Degree in Computer Science majoring in Software Engineering last November. Will be back to Sarawak in one year after my husband finish his Master in Tourism. Very proud to see bidayuhs' hp after all this time..Keep up the good work !!!

Name: Bert Mulder
E-mail Address: bertmulder@vanderstoel.nl
Remark: My name is Bert Mulder and I was born 31 years ago in Holland. In 1993 I married in Kuching to Jenny (Jagine) anak Nyuawe from Kampung Serasot. We have been living for the last 3.5 years in Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
We have 2 children: Niels, who is now 3.5 years old and Anissa, who will be 2 years old in April next year. Early next year we will be moving back to Holland, due to some internal shifting within my company. Jenny would like to get in contact with some other people from Kampung Serasot through the web.
(We have moved back to Holland and I have changed jobs as well. Please note our new e-mail address)

Name: Levas anak Mejus
Hometown: Kampung Pueh, Sematan, Lundu
Current Residence: Kuching and Miri
Email: levasmejus@hotmail.com or levas.mejus@curtin.edu.my
Remarks: I am a Bidayuh Salako lady from Kampung Pueh, Sematan. I graduated from ITM in 1993 with Diploma in Library Science and then proceed to do my Master degree at University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, UK in 1996/97 and graduated with MSc in Information and Library Studies. At the moment, I work as a Librarian with Curtin University of Technology Sarawak Campus, Malaysia which is situated in Miri. Happy to be here in
this network. This site is excellent...CONGRATULATIONS and thank you Cikgu!

Name: Johnek @ Ajong Henry.
Current address: Untill January 2000. 97, St. Marks road, Easton, Bristol,
BS5 6HY U.K.
E. mail: Hjohnek@aol.com
Remark:  I completed the BSc.(Hons) Environmental Science (1998) and the MSc  in
Environmental Health Studies in december 1999.
I had been A health Inspector with Medical and Health Department Sarawak for 10 years and the last station is Miri.
My wife is from Braang Sigandar, Pedawan and had 4 girls and a boy elders now is 9 yrs. Hailing from Kpg. Apar Bau. and ex. BGSS.
I am now in Medical and Health Headquarters in Kuching. At the moment I am not yet given a post or attached to somewhere but I can be contacted in this mail. Wishing everybody a happy and prosporous new year. Let make new resolution to be more productive.
Your page is superb and I appreciate all the contacts of fellow Bidayuh. I have many interests especially the custom, tradition and the living culture of Bidayuh in music, dance, chants, art, artifact and practices. It is sad that these are slowing diminishing and I am very interested to close rank with active performers to professionally expand the possibilities of bringing
these practices into the modern world, possibly market them for the benefit of the living artist. I am amateur practioner of many of the Bidayuh  Sigar, Kutau, Rejang, weh Jonggan and also with some of the music oguong, Kidubat, Gonang etc. I hope to find many will share and develop further on this cyber exchange.

Name: Juliet Ak Edward Munyug @ Nor Juliet Edward Munyug bt Abdullah
Email : norjuliet@snt.com.my
Occupation: Works as a software/web developer dealing with the development of Internet Application Software in a SiliconNet Technologies Sdn Bhd. Subsidiary to SAINS .( Ricky's collegue!) Graduated from UNIMAS  Bachelor(Hons) of Information Technology , majoring Software Engineering.
I'm married to a Malay -( Now, he's a central manager in a well-known private firm) and expecting a baby soon - Nor Daniel. Looking forward to know more educated bidayuh community around the world!
Check me out at Britong Corner in Bidayuh and join in.

Name: Nancylia Joesel and Vincent Bernard
email: jnancylia@hotmail.com
Village D'en Haut
01340 ETREZ
Remark: A Bidayuh from Kampung Opar Bau. Like making new friends and travelling.  Would love to hear from you no matter who and where you are from.

Name: Sipol Ambun
E-mail: sipol@tm.net.my
Message: I'm Sipol Ambun, another Salako from Kampong Serayan Lundu. Currently working at SESCo HQ as Corporate Communications Manager. Graduated from UKM 15 years ago. Regards to all fellow Bidayuhs on the net.

Name : Mike Jiwan
Email: zeevuan@hotmail.com
Add: Dep. Animal Science, U.P.M
Currently doing M. Sc. (BioPark Management). Hope to be finished at the end of the year (1999). Previously doing Dip. Agribussiness (1992) and Bac. Sc. Horticulture (Landscape) (1997). at U.PM. Ex. S.M.K. Lake (1990).

Name: John Mail
Email : lee163@hotmail.com
Message: adon ku John Mail. Asal sok Tasik Biru, Bau.
Dadin study di U.P.M nai M. Sc. Agriculture (Biological Control Engineer).
Happy to know you all.

Name: Elveen John
Email: goggles74@yahoo.com
Add: Bintangor, Sarawak
I'm an Iban girl.Sorry to include my name in Bidayuh net. Currently doing my Deg. in Accountancy in ITM Shah Alam.
I would like to find more bidayuh friends or someone who want to offer me a job(in year 2000). Thanks anyway.

Name:  Kenneth Bidi
E-Mail: kennethbidi@hotmail.com
Message: I don't have any achievement to acknowlegde everybody but all I know is that I am what I am as a Bidayuh and very proud  of it. This site is great and it's nice to know what others have achieved and their roots. I hope for a better future for Bidayuh community.

Name: Selibest Peter Nyombep and Nedumaran Lingappan
Email: aaronice@tm.net.my
Address: Lundu District Hospital,
              94500 Lundu,
Tel: 082-734735
Message: Currently staying in Lundu but originally from Kpg. Sebuluh, Bau, Sarawak.
Have 3 kids, Aaron Arjun, Allan Anand and Adilqa Eunice.
Love to chat and exchange E-mail.

Name:Peter Sanderson
E-Mail: PSande2758@aol.com
Message: My name is Peter Sanderson and I am a Deputy Headteacher at a secondary school of 1,400 students in Wiltshire, England.  Most of my  time is now spent on management but at heart I am still a science teacher.
My wife Grace grew up in Sibu and her father was a teacher at the Methodist Secondary school in the 1960s.
We have two children Tom who is 8 and Kate who is 10. We hope at some point in the not too distant future to visit Malaysia and show the children where Grace grew up.
We live in Bath.

Name:  Joane Robat ak Wilfred
E-Mail:  cwinch@kisser.net.au
Message:  I am a Bidayuh from Kampong Duras, married to an Englishman who is also an Australian citizen.  His name is Colin Barry Winchester.  We have one son, who was born 5 years ago in Kuching.
We presently live in Dampier, Western Australia and as we are homesick for Duras, we are very happy to have found Bidayuh on the internet.  We want to return to Duras permanently one day soon so our son David Henry can grow up with other Bidayuh.
If anyone wants to e-mail us, please do or write to:
120 Irwin Crescent
Dampier 6713
Western Australia.

Name: Victor Kennet Nihap
Email: vken222@pd.jaring.my
Remark:  I am now back in Malaysia; Sibuluh to be precise. I am currently working with Sarawak Electricity Supply Corporations(SESCo) as Systems Analyst at it's Head Office at Jalan Bako.

Name: Irene Sanyung
Email: irene@fit.unimas.my
Remark: My name is Irene Sanyung, I am a semi Bidayuh lady from Serian.  My Dad was British and Mom is a Bidayuh from Serian.  I am currently working at the Faculty of Information Technology, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak.  I would love to make new friends and I can be reached at my email add. irene@fit.unimas.my . Former classmates/collegemates are welcome too, would love to hear from all of you as well.

Name: Philip Sipen
E-Mail: psipen@hotmail.com
Remark: I am Philip Sipen from Kampung Saah/Punau, Penrissen. Please list my name alright. Thanks.
Currently, I'm doing my M.Agr.Sc. at UPM, Serdang. For those who want to be my friends please contact at psipen@hotmail.com

Name: Fossillian Austin Way
email: faustin@tm.net.my
Remark: I am a bidayuh from Kampong Quop, Kuching. Educated only up to Senior Cambridge 1973 at Green Road Secondary School, Kuching. Be very glad if some old schoolmates or anyone who remember could keep in touch with me.
Married to a local Kenyah girl from upper Baram and have 4 children. My eldest daughter, Sabrina is 19 and is now UNITELE (Universiti Telekom), my second child, Kelvin (the only boy) 17 and daughter Allison is 12, both in SM Sains Kuching. My youngest daughter is 10.
At present I am working as a medical assistant in OPD and A&E Lundu Hospital.
Kindly include me in your lists, I hope to be able to keep in touch with anyone. Feel free to write to me.

Name: Rose Jon
email: rosjon@hotmail.com
Hometown: Kpg. Sebobok, Bau.
Residence: Brunei.
Address: P.O.Box 2564, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei BS8675.
Remarks: I was surprised to see a Home page about Bau and Bidayuh which are maintained by a Bidayuh.
I am impressed and keep up the good work.
I am a Bidayuh married to a Bruneian. I would like to exchange  knowledge and ideas with Bidayuhs and friends round the world via  internet. I am also looking for a Bidayuh housemaid. If you have Bidayuh  friends or relatives who are interested, please get them to email or  write to me. Thank you.

Name: Lilian I. Jiheng
E-mail: iney@tm.net.my
Remark: Glad to have found this Bidayuh E-pal especially seeing familiar names on the list and please include me. Oku so Kpg Simpang Bokah, (sinok Sg. Kayan, Lundu) kiroja duoh MAS base in KL more than 10 yrs. Oku timilib koda manuk! asal ku pali de boli oku suka koduk Internet. Well done Bidayuh! oggi nyaa duoh ku sina dayak!!

Name  : Roberto Semby
E-mail : robertosemz@hotmail.com

Tra-tra oooo!!!!Oni abar mu  soma? Ha ..oku itih from  Kpg.Merembeh @  Ngiromis , Bau . I'm still  brajar  in UPM Oku mit BSc (Hons) Majoring  in Biology .. Oku  tih  ex St.Stephen's and  BGSS . IF  you want more
information  about me.. please e- mail me lah . Oku  arap kaum  Bidayuh  makin maju, bujur, duoh tongon .

Nama : Jullivian Dalang
Bangsa: Iban dari Bintangor, Sarikei
E-mail: samueldj@tm.net.my
Remark: kalau nak tau, tentang diri saya, sila datang ke Homepage saya...maaf ia berbahasa iban..

Name:  Victor Peter
Home   Email: victor@pop.myweb.com.my
Office Email: Victor_Peter@Komag.com
Address: BJ2-4-3, Ayu Heights
              Lintang Bukit Jambul
              11900 Penang
Home Phone/Fax: (604)645-1512

Name:Jenny Brookes (Jenny anak Riyod)
E-mail: jenny@brookess.freeserve.co.uk
Remark: I was born in Kampong Duras near Kuching. I am married to an Englishman and I am living in the West Midlands in England.We visit the village when we can. The last time was last year. I was very surprized when my husband said he had found your home page and other Bidayuh links. So congratulations on putting us Bidayuhs on the map.

Name: Bernadette Ita Andrew Siddle
D.O.B: 10 November 1976
Home Address: 62, Kpg.Semeba, Jln.Stephen Yong, 93250, Kuching
Postal Address: Box No.265, GPO LB 3133, 93670 Kuching, Sarawak.
E-mails: s16244@stu.uum.edu.my
url: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Park/8027

I was in Kolej Abdillah from 89-93 and I did my Matriculation Programme in Universiti Utara Malaysia and now I am currently doing my 3rd year  degree programme..still in UUM..taking IT major in Networking.

Name: Sri / Kateen ak Maga
Email: veronga@tm.net.my
Remark: I'm Sri, an Indian, and my wife a Bidayuh, Kateen ak Maga, from Kampung Giam, Penrissen Kuching. At the moment we are in Johor with our two kids (boys). We were in Kuching untill 94 and then were posted here to Johor. So most of the holidays we will be in Kuching. Unfortunately this Gawai we are not coming back, as there is not holidays for us.

Name: Almir da Silveira
Email: lemon.tree@originet.com.br
Address: Av. Sto. Antonio, 318
Remark: I'm a 28 y.o. Brazilian male, living in São Paulo and eager to have Bidayuh friends for e-mailing and teach me some Bidayuh (Bukar Sadong).

Name: Christina Annette Jinam
Address: Royce Hall ,
              Loughborough University,
              Loughborough LE11 3TJ, UK.
Email: C.A.Jinam-97@student.lboro.ac.uk
Remark: Please include me in your list. I'm a 2nd year Computer Science student in Loughborough University and I
would like to get in touch with other Bidayuhs out there, 'specially ex-collegians(Adbillah) and ex-St.Stephen students.

Name: Terrill Frantz
Email Address: terrill@ms.com
Remark: I am an American who recently married a wonderful bidayuh.  My wife, Darin Anak Sapo  is from Penrissen  and her family still lives there.
We are living in New York City, I work for a global investment bank in computers.
I like to learn more about Darin's home and where her family is - I have visited only once so far - Darin likes to read about what is going on at home and mostly thanks to you, our daughter will someday learn about Bidayuh's as
we print out all of your pages and save them for her.  We expect to be visiting Kuching about once per year, and hopefully we will "re-marry" in a bidayuh ceremony about January 1999...

Name: John Hogg
Email Address: J.R.S.Hogg@greenwich.ac.uk
Remark: My name is John Hogg. My wife is from Bau Bobak. We use to live at 27 mile Serian road. My wife's family all live in Kampung Bobak. Our nephews are dr Peter Dominic and Cyril Songan.
I myself miss Sarawak. I was stationed there in the Sixties with the army where I met my wife. We now live in London and have three grown up children. I will some day come back to live in Sarawak when I retire.
Also I miss my friends, mainly Patrick Regip, Nicholas Gunjew

Nmae: Sarah Skadiang
Email: quaim@ihug.co.nz
Remark: I have just recently become interested in Bidayuhs. This is partly because my Grandfather has done much research and found out that we are Bidayuhs. My name is Sarah Skadiang and we originate from the village of Quop. I've been living here in New Zealand for 8 years now and have sort of 'lost' touch with my Malaysian-ness... which is rather sad. I do hope to redeme myself though.
I am planning to visit to Kuching at the end of the year. I thought I'd do some of my own research before I went and well, your site has been a great help to me.

Name: Ronald Pedro Skadiang
Address: 14 Jalan SS 15 / 5 D
               Subang Jaya 47500
               Subaag Jaya
My e-mail address: ben@mcsbsystems.com
Remark: Please include my name in your list of Bidayuh listing.

Name: Aria Nyakot
email: ellya22@hotmail.com
Hometown: Kpg. Selampit, Lundu.
Remark: oku adin aruo study de Universiti Malaya daang second year. Oku bilajar daang Fakulti Sastera and majoring daang Enviromental Studies.

Name: Peleadzman Ak Ahip
email: pele@pc.jaring.my
Remarks: Asal aku so Kuching, Penrissen-Padawan [Kapung Danau (Denu)]. Madin aku masih berajar di Universiti Putra Malaysia darom program Bacelor Ekonomi. Aku sekurah di S.M.K Penrissen sewa 1989-1991( Form 1-3 ), M.R.S.M Kuantan sewa 1992-1993 ( Form 4-5 ) nga S.M.K Green Road sewa 1994-1995 ( Form 6 ). Aku harap bara leader derom DBNA more active to progress Bidayuh in economics and social. I'm very interested in socioeconomics study especially about sustainable development and making money. Aku harap bara madis ata Bidayuh doh (doit) kira agama nga giti (anywhere)bara meo, ndi derom Bidayuh, ingat akar (root) Bidayuh, bikembang nga pimaju Bidayuh community derom multiracial. If you think and feel you are Bidayuh, you are still Bidayuh.

Name: Benson John Cotter
email: cotter@pacific.net.sg
Hometown: Kuching  (Kupuo Singhai)
Residence: Singapore
Employment: W H Smith, Changi Airport, Terminal 2
Remark: Glad to be a part of the Bidayuh network, the cyberway isn't that lonely afterall. Peace and may the force be with you all.

Name: Rudey anak Johnathan
email: (Sander Plug) splug@xs4all.nl
Remarks: I am Bidayuh from Kampung Sikog at 14 mile Penrissen Rd., Kuching.
Currently I am living together with my boyfriend Sander Plug in the Netherlands, Europe.
I have been to the Netherlands for the second time. Sander worked during his graduation project for his university with Central Data Centre (CDC) in Kuching. He and his friend William van Munsteren worked for Jacob Liew from 1 September till 13 December 1996. We also know Nancylia Joesel and her boyfriend Gerard Driessen who we met many times in Kuching and also in the Netherlands. I am trying to learn Dutch as soon as possible. Sander does also speak
some Bahasa Melayu and one or two words Bidayuh.
If you like please drop us an email.

Name: Vitini Josak
E-mail: vitini@yahoo.com
Birthday : February 1976.
Kupua' : Semaba.
Remark: Adon oku' Vitini Josak. Onak pinuan Josak Siam. Dadin, Sama' ku ngajar da' SRK Jagoi.
Oku' dadin babo bilajar da' UTM Skudai. Course da' mbit ku' Degree in Petroleum Engineering.
Tih last semester ku'. Graduate daang bulan Februari 1998.
Educ: Sekolah omba: SRK Nanga Strass, Bintangor,(1982-88)
         SMK Julau, Julau (1989-1990)
         SMS Miri (1991-92)

Name: Elna ak. Akam
Home: Kampung Sungai Pinang , Bau. (Biboka leh.)
E-mail: biboka@yahoo.com
Pingunang okuk: okuk adin blajar dik U.T.M. Skudai, Johor.Aluak tahun 1.
Tok paguh manah onik dik nai ingan katik neh. I'm proud for you guys!
Doik kuk sakak nang ogik homepage saan bidoyoh neh.
Mak nyam okuk gogoh takal okuk dapot website tih.
Osi laan ngin email saan okuk, tih add kuk, mailto:biboka@yahoo.com
Hi,I'm please to be a part of this net.

Name: George Ak Akam
Aku masu Kampung Tian, Serian.
Masa iti aku masih lagi bilajar dak UPM, Bac.Eng.(Biological &
Agricultural) major dak abi Control System And Automation. Bala family
aku masa iti dak Bintulu..amang kiraja dak Bintulu.
E-mail add. :geosu@hotmail.com
Message : Bisatu bala Bidayuh....Be a leader.

Name: Ambassador Datuk John Tenewi Nuek.
E-mail: rosemary@mpsnet.com.mx
Remark: Aku neh suo Bau geh reh, Kupue Suduh Singai. Adin aku kereja jagin Ambassador Malaysia daang Mexico.
Aku gitong ku ninga serita tua-eh daang Internet. Boyo paguh tua-eh nai kayuh de wat inuh neh. Congratulations!!
Keep up the good work and write more about the Bidayuh and our culture. Adat neh boyo biguna, asal adat te me dooi me dooi otoe neh. It is what distinguishes one group of people from the other. So keep on keeping records of our culture even if a very small number of people including the Bidayuh read it. In any case you have at least one interested Bidayuh. I hope very much that when I retire I would do research and writing on the Bidayuh. Perhaps we could do it together!
I firmly believe that it is a good thing to maintain any culture however insignificant. It adds richness and diversity to the world's culture.
Wat itis sija serita ku adin neh. Arap tua-eh rami duoh sihat.
Address email ku itis neh daang tubu nyaa de duoh ku.
Latest addition: Has been with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1971.
Currently is the Ambassador of Malaysia to Mexico.
Originates from Sudoh, Singai, Bau
"Thanks to Paul Remek I am able to see how some of  my old friends are doing, or at least
their children."
Datuk John Tenewi Nuek is back in KL and working at the Foreign Ministry.
(2003) Datuk is now Malaysian Ambassador to Venuzuela. Above email might not be working.

Name: Ik@Pahon ak Jayik
E-Mail: pahon@pc.jaring.my
Remark: I am waiting for his latest info. One of the many successful Bidayuhs in the Civil Service. Formerly a District Officer in Lundu, now, must be back at the State Secretariat at Petra Jaya.
Now works as Pengarah, Majlis Sukan Negeri Sarawak

Name: John Tasan
E-mail Address: jntasan@pc.jaring.my
Remark: Hi...aku ati John Ak. Tasan a.k.a. Gotot so Raih Bunuk, Batuh 21, Aran Penrissen Amba (Jalan Puncak Borneo). Aku kira aku sadiku ado so raih Bunuk ano di mboh ndai iklan-i di homepage ati....hehehehe....... Aku pun mboh kirih goh tung Julie Jono (senior aku di SMK. Penrissen dawo yah) ano di so Raih Giam.
Madin ati aku gi babo brajar, ndai Master's Degree diyang bidang Forestry (Arboriculture) di UPM. Err...kamboi angan ria an plan purun bara tengon kayuh wang bedag aron ngan paiti...err...doh kambot consult aku !!! Minimum charges...hehehehe...
Sawo, aku gi babo siruah goh bara dingan-dinganku ano di samada-i puan ato doh ku...harap dapod contact aku di @ddress :- jntasan@pc.jaring.my

Name: Bornica Ak. Bisau
E-mail Address: js.bon@hotmail.com atau bon.ica.jon@usa.net
Remark: Dun ku BORNICA AK. BISAU (daya bagan aku BOND), so Kapong Kiding, Padawan. Aku dapud puan pasar Bidayuh WebSite ati so dingan ku, John Ak. Tasan a.k.a Gotot (so Kpg. Bunuk). AKu pikir aku sadi adu wakil so Kpg. Kiding adi register di Bidayuh WebSite ati... harap bagu dinge bara adi bukun register di giti.
Madin aku babu brajar di UPM, Serdang darum bidang Business Studies (B. Sc. Agribusiness), madin muh marut final semester (re graduate nga Feb. 1998).
Aku biasa-i chat di mIRC, jadi asi-asi anu adi an minyu nga aku, siroh adu nickname JSBond di channel Padawan, Sarawak, etc.
Ati e-mail add. ku: js_bon@hotmail.com atau bon.ica.jon@usa.net.

Name :Rady Ajong (Adon kupuo ku PAL)
E-mail Address: radya1@tm.net.my
Home Address :JS1/287, ABF Housing, Tanjung Kidurong, Bintulu.
Remark: I'm a Bidayuh from Kampung Sibuluh Bau currently working in Asean Bintulu Fertilizer, married with 2 naughty sons.
Thank-you and kind regards.

Name:Paul Rijet ak Niset
E-mail add: rijet@tm.net.my
Remark: I am a Bidayuh from Kampong Sibuluh Bau. I am teaching at SRB. St. Stephen Bau.Married with 3 kids.
Rijet has since moved to Giam as a Headmaster.

Name:Joseph Orlean Jinap
Email: jojinap@pc.jaring.my
Remark: My name is Joseph Orlean Jinap and I'm working with Sarawak Shell in Miri. I'm also a Bidayuh, from Kg Stenggang, Bau. My wife is from Kg. Sebuluh. I so happene to type in the search word "Bidayuh" in Alta Vista and I struck a golden page (your wonderful web page). I'm glad a fellow Bidayuh come up with this introduction to our heritage. I would like to share mine. Please visit me at:

Name: Charles Locklin Bungas @ Rock
Remark: I'm Charles Locklin Bungas from Singai.......probably, the only Bidayuh who is involved in an Islamic-concept insurance.......don't worry, it is meant for everybody. Well, I need to get everyone this Takaful coverage at a very affordable premium. I'm squatting on W.Rogers' pc, when overran onto your page. GRRREEAATT! I'm also helping friends to earn good bucks from Shaklee. Use the prod. and share. Refer to ShakleeLink......http://www.shaklee.com/ I would be very grateful if you can include me in your B/Network.
Contact me at: 010 8260236 or 082 413722

Name: John Bethell.
Remark:-I am an ex British Soldier who had the privilage of serving the people of Sarawak in 1964/65 at Bau and Kampungs Serasot and Serikin. I have never forgotten that period in my life and never will! The warmth of the Friendship extended to me by all Sarawakians that I met is still in my heart! Everyone who knows me also knows what I think about Sararwak and its people Because I tell them!!!
I am 55yrs young and semi retired and will come back one day! All EMails welcome!

Name: Jihem Noyep
Email: jihem.j.noyep@ssb.shell.com.my
Remark: I'm from Kpg. Stenggang, Bau. Been working in Miri with Sarawak Shell Berhad for the past 14 years since graduating with a Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Wales Institute of Science & Technology, Cardiff, UK. My early secondary school days were spent in SMK Lake and Dragon (now Kolej Tun Razak?). I'm married, one son who is now in Primary 2. We live in an area called Pujut in Miri and we balik kampong for Gawai every year." .......

Name: Adeline Nissom
E-Mail:anissom@hotmail.com or adelnis@tm.net.my
Remark: I am currently studying for my Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies. Next year, I will pursue my final year studies in University of Central England, Birmingham ( hopefully! ), majoring in Computer Science and Information Management. Best Wishes. Bye!
Adeline is now in the UK.

Name: William Rogers
E-Mail: wrn@tm.net.my
From Kampung Sibuluh Bau. Owns a General Construction Bussiness. Anyone who needs his expertise can contact him at: William Rogers Construction, Kpg. Sibuluh, 94000 Bau.
Remark: just brouse thru'the internet to pass my time when suddenly I come across your newspaper and your homepage. I was very impressed by all the articles that you include in your homepage. I would be very gratefull if you could include me in your Bidayuh network. I've just installed my internet barely a month ago and i find it very very interesting.... Paul....Keep up the good work.....Oku salute you....... Oni abar mu .....cikgu?

Name:Dr. Peter Songan
or songan@tualang.unimas.my
Head of Human Resource Development Program.
Faculty of Cognitive Science& Human Development.
University Malaysia Sarawak
94300 Kota Samarahan.
Tel: +60 82 671000
+60 82 672281

Name:Gosele Sinin
Age : 33
Tel : 082-428925 [O], 082-683588 [R]
Remark: I am presently working with Arab-Malaysian Bank, Kuching Branch as Senior Operation Officer. We are presently offering Study Loan for either University or College student majoring in any course.
I hope to be listed in your list and since most of our Bidayuh friends are currently studying for their diplomas or degrees, they may be interested to know more about our bank UNIC STUDY LOAN.
Please feel free to liase with my team of dedicated personnels at tel: 082-428925
I am presently residing at Jalan Stephen Yong.

Name:Milton Maung, Capt.
milton just emailed me that the above email will no longer be used after may 2004.
further updates will follow soon.

Name: Herman Adrian
Hi...I'm a Bidayuh from Kg. Rayang, Serian and currently, taking a degree in BIT at Universiti Utara Malaysia.
Would like to see more and more Bidayuh in this cyber community and get themselves involved actively. Feel free to visit my cyber home at http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/1516

Name:Barbara Anak Sian
Remarks: My name's Barbara ak Sian, age 22, B.Sc.Ed. majoring Biology in UKM Bangi.
Race: Iban (mom's Bidayuh from Kupuo Blimbin, Krokong and dad's Iban from Kpg. Entingan, K. Samarahan).
Presently, my family is in IPPB Siburan and I'm staying here in the main campus...hope to stay outside next session though.....
snailmail: 9.Tkt 2,
              Flat G3,
              IPPB Siburan,
              Jln Kuching-Serian,
              94200 Kuching, Sarawak.

Name:Paul Sarip
Remarks:My cousin, he is at present working in KL (Inland Revenue)
Hometown:Kpg. Staas, Bau.
B.Sc. (Develoment Science - UKM).

Name:Dr. Tiki Lafe
Remarks: Born in Kupuo Stass, Bau. Family Moved to Bau Town for greener pastures in the early 70's.
Educated in Bau, Miri and graduated from UKM Medical Faculty with Masters in Otorhinolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery. Worked in the Public sector in Sarawak and Kuala Lumpur prior to retiring into the Private sector.
Present clinic is at the folowing address:
        34G Lot 2581,
        Block 218,
        Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce,
        3rd Mile,
        93150 Kuching.
Tel./Fax: +60-82-233578.
Hope to see another Bidayuh ENT Surgeon in the future in your homepage.
By the way, I am venturing into the Construction Industry sector soon. Boring lah seeing people's ears, nose and throat only, day in and day out ..........
I welcome any mails, e- or snail should any of you want 'free consultation' on ENT.
Dr. Tiki is now an MP and  Federal Minister.

Name: Sukia Kimseng
Remarks: Sukia Kimseng is the first Bidayuh Selako on the internet. (I think). He comes from Kpg. Serayan, Lundu. He is a Medical Assistant at the Sarawak General Hospital. His wife is a Staff Nurse.
Current Address:
289, Lrg. 4c-6
Tabuan Laru, Kuching.
Tel. 364904 or 366580

Name :Megrose Unus
Hometown : Tembawang Villa, Bung Bratak Road, 94000 Bau, Sarawak.
Current Address : UMS, Locked Bag 2073, 88999 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Messages : It's nice to say "SLAMAT NOG" @ "HELLO" to everybody in this cyberworld. MEGROSE UNUS... a pure dayung @ 'sumandak' Bidayuh (means girl) so Kupuo Tembawang, Oran Bau-Lundu @ Bung Bratak, 94000 Bau. Any ideas about "BAU"?? Yesssss....the one and only "Gold Town" which you can find in Sarawak (I think so!!) Currently, I'm a 3rd year student (first batch student of UMS). Majoring in Communication and hoping to graduate by 9.9.1999 (God willing). I welcome any Bidayuh and other friends to take part in this cyber activities. So that.. we may journey together as a family and share ideas which we think interesting, fun and exciting...such as "nuok tuak", climbing "Bung Bratak" or "nyotu dieen" (durian dropping)at Bung Bratak too!!! May this cyber activities led us to foster unity amongst us..as a cyber community, of course....Feel free to email:m95dee_unisa@hotmail.com

Name:William Patrick Nyigor (adon kupuo - Liam)
Kampong Sibuluh, Bau
Technology Planning, Sarawak Information Systems (SAINS), Kuching

Name: Fabian Simon Ginchang
DOB: October 15, 1976
He's a Bidayuh from Serian. Currently, a first year BIT student. He loves fishing and jogging. A former student of SMK Serian and Kolej Abdillah, Kuching. Then, he was in 2 years UUM Matriculation Programme before pursuing his studies to the present programme.
A member of Tang Soo Do Association of Serian and also UUM TaeKwon-Do Club.
You can snail him at:
His college snail-mail:         Or  His home snail-mail:
 4E, 215                                  78, Kemayau Park
Kolej Petronas                           Serian By-Pass
UUM, 06010 Sintok                        94700 Serian
Kedah Darul Aman                         Sarawak
                                         Tel: 082-875204

Name: Catherine Landi Ak Petrus Naes
D.O.B: January 14, 1976
She's also from Kg. Semeba. She's been in the same school with Ita since primary till they are in UUM now. However, she's currently doing Accountancy(also a first year student). Pretty smart, too...... Her hobbies are reading and listening to music.

Name: Hendry Michael @ H. Nissom
email: ham3@po.cwru.edu; or HendryM@aol.com
Hometown:Kuching, Sarawak
Currently a Junior (third year) in Management (Finance) at Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, USA
My brother Peter M Nissom has his add listed above too. I'm hoping to graduate with a bachelor's by 98. Feel free to email. :-)

Name: Materina Nyuin Vincent
Remarks: My name is Materina Nyuin Vincent and was born in Bau, Kpg Apar. I am now living in Perth, Western Australia with my Australian fiance Phil Palmer. We plan to return to Kuching at Xmas and get married at St Henrys church in Kampung Apar. I would like to hear from any other Sarawakians especially around Perth and meet for Gawai.
Phils comments: I worked in Kuching for 1 year in 1995/6 and love the place and the people. Hopefully we will return there this year for another contract. If anyone has info about the Sungai Sarawak Regulation Scheme currently in progress in Kuching I would be grateful.

Latest Remarks:Hello my name is Materina Nyuin Palmer. My husband Phil & I have just returned from Bau (Jan 97) after getting married at St Stephens church. It was really great to be back in Kampung Apar with my family and especiaaly to be there for the durian drop. Any Bidayuhs in Australia especially Perth send a "hello" to us
Phils comments: Whilst in Kuching we went to Bako National Park and spent New Years Eve in a longhouse(Oh that Tuak?!@#$%). Keep up the good work Paul. Please note my new address.
The above email is no longer valid. Hopefully Materina or Phil can give their latest address!

Name: Kala Anak Sigo (now Kala Lawson)
email: lawfam@cris.com
Remarks: I am Bidayuh from Kampung Sikog at 14 mile Penrissen Rd., Kuching.
I am a housewife married to an American with 3 sons. I am now living in the United States (Santa Barbara area).
I also have a sister (Kilah Ryan) living in Houston, Texas.
I will soon be moving to the Santa Barbara area. I welcome any Bidayuh people to drop by for a visit and maybe share a sago flour meal.
Lets all find a place to celebrate Gawai in California.
Also welcome any telephone calls at 805-735-5253.

Name: Alice Ju'ul / Mark Besecker
email: m.besecker@ssss.com.hk
Remarks: My home town is Kpg. Sira, Padawan Area, (Biatah).
My husband is Mark Besecker from Buffalo New York in the United States.
We are currently living in Subang West Malaysia.
Mark's comments: We realized that we can keep in touch with other Bidayuh's around the world when we travel.
I think more history, legends, or traditions about the Bidayuh would be good for the Bidayuh corner. This information can be accessed from all around the world, so it would allow the 'Dayak Asing' more insight to the Bidayuh culture.
Latest Remark: Alice and I are now living in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. We no longer use the e-mail "markdb@pc.jaring.my" we now use "m.besecker@ssss.com.hk"

Name:Gines Sylvana Q
Have been studying in Missouri for about a year. Have been in the States for nearly 2 years. First year was at a small university in Oklahoma, where she was the only M'sian student. One of 2 East M'sian in Southwest Missouri state here while the rest are from West M'sia. Would like to keep in contact with other East M'sians.
Currently doing Bacelor of Sci. in Organizational Communication (it's not a big thing in M'sia but will be soon), with Business Management.

I'm still in Springfield, MO. I'm now working in a bank,  but the department I'm in is going to be moved to Memphis the end of this year so a lot of people will be out of job. She can be emailed at:

Name:Christina ak. Miyoh
2nd year student at UNIMAS, majoring in Computer Science.(Power Tools for Office Worker)
From Kampung Bogag Bau, but is now residing in Kuching.

Name:Ahi Sarok
email address:sahi@fss.unimas.my
Department of Government.
Remarks: I am currently doing my post graduate at the University of Queensland. I am studying my masters in Public Administration at the Department of Government.
I am a Bidayuh so kopua Mambong, oran Penrissen, Bt. 14.
I am a lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University Malaysia Sarawak. I am in my second semester Masters of Public Administration course at the university. I will be finishing my course by July, 1997 and come back to teach at UNIMAS. Or, if my family can join me in July this year, I might stay on for another 3 more years to finish off with my Phd. But, I need to get good result to qualify.
My family now stays at SMK SG Tapang, where my wife works.
Latest Addition: I've completed my MPA (Masters in Public Adminstration) and  I am back and now with Faculty of Social Sciences, UNIMAS.
New E-mail address:sahi@fss.unimas.my

Name:Hideo Tsuji
E-mail: hideo999@ca2.so-net.or.jp
Remark: I am a free-lance journalist and 44 years old, Japanese male from Japan.
I have deep interest in international affairs, environmental problems, atomic power generation, an electromagnetic wave, water and mineral, salt, and etc.
I love reading, movies, volleyball, corresponding with people, and so on.
I have 3 children. (They are all students now.)
I live in the west end of Tokyo Metropolis.
There is a U.S. airforce base near my site.

Name:Freddy Choo
E-mail: chooz@wr.com.au
Remark: Great homepage! I was born in Bau. Studied at St Stephen's Primary School and then Lake School. Now in Sydney! Your homepage brought back good memories of my childhood. I've heaps of Bidayuh friends while in Bau but have lost touch with many.
I'm doing a degree in B Ed majoring in Human Resource Development at University of Technology, Sydney. It's a full-time course, but I only have to attend face to face lecture one day a week. The rest is done at work. So 4 days a week, I work as Business Manager. I get paid for the job and in that way self-support myself. My wife is working too and studying floristry at the same time.

Name: Takashi Tsuchiya
E-mail: t.tsuchiya@infotopia.or.jp
Remark: My name is Takashi Tsuchiya from Japan.
I was surprized and feel glad when I found your homepage today.
About 10 years ago, I and my family lived in Kuching for 3 years.
And several times we went Bau.
I remember there were some batik shops.
Anyway,I just recall the wonderful days at Sarawak.
I am 44 years old architect.I have my own office in Tokyo.
From 1982 to 1986,I worked at LCDA(PELITA) as Architect.
I have 2 boys. 15 and 12years old. Younger boy was born in Kuching. Both of them are now crazy for computer games just same as your children.
I think your homepage is most interesting one than other sarawak homepage. Private one is very interesting for foreign people. I hope and expect update of your homepage and much information about sarawak life.

Name: Brian Newton/Esther Newton
E-mail: ENewton5@wow.com
Remark: How fascinating to access your Bidayuh Homepage on the Internet. My wife and I were based in Sibu from 1975-1986, and although that is a long way from Bidayuh country, we got to know several Bidayuh . . . pastors, government workers, and medics. And now here in the United States, one of our closest friends (who served with the Peace Corps back in the late 1960's in Kanowit), is married to a Bidayuh from Quop! What a small world, and the Internet is making it even smaller.

Name: Philip Lancaster
E-mail: lancaster@johnabbott.qc.ca
Canadian Friend
Remark: Just happened onto your site by accident, well done.
I've bookmarked it for future reference when I need info on your part of the world. Philip Lancaster

Name: Ed Austin
E-mail: xtr27833101@xtra.co.nz
New Zealand Friend
Remark: Hi Paul, Congratulations on the quality and quantity of your homepage. I've just discovered it as I was on my way to bed, so I look forward to being a regular visitor. I've spent many a happy hour swimming in Tai Parit,(Tasik Biru) and I've got a Nyap Sayot banner hanging in my living room, so does that qualify me for honorary membership? Cheers, Ed. (Auckland)

Name: Dr Awang Hasmadi b. Awang Mois
E-mail: ahasdi01@pkrisc.cc.ukm.my
Organization: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Remark: I would like to congratulate you for a very interesting and useful homepage. Your home page should be of great interest to anthropologists like me who drops by once a while at the Sarawak site to look for something new. You have laid a very good basis for a very good page on the Bidayuh, and you made a good start with yourself and the Bidayuh in Bau. I am quite curious about the Bidayuh group you are referring to in your hpage -the Jagois or the Singghi? I always passed and stopped over in Bau when I was doing research among the Selako in Lundu in 1986/7. However, because of a spinal injury (and surgery) I have not been able to go to the field on my Yamaha scrambler. Perhaps a year after this. I hope to pay you a visit if and when I pass that way.
p.s. by the way is the bau town still there? i heard it is sinking.

I have done some fieldwork on the Selako and Lara since 1976 and two of my theses (B.A. and M.A.) on the Selako have been deposited at the Sarawak Museum Archives. I hope to deposit my Cambridge PhD thesis on the same group in the near future. I appreciate your valuable and hard work on putting up a page on the Bidayuh of Bau district. I always wished I have the time to put up a simple page like yours. But we have many seminars, lectures, meetings and also research to do.So in the end we have to be satisfied with others have done on the net. If you need some information on the Selako and Lara just e-mail me. I will try to squeeze some time to help you.

Name: Bruce Livingston
E-mail: santol@gate.net

Bruce Livingston, 
5906 Hood Street Hollywood, 
FL 33021-3238 USA
Tel: (954) 964-9718

This page is maintained by Paul Remek. Please email me at (paular@pop.jaring.my) if you want to be included in this Bidayuh list. Non Bidayuh are also welcome.


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